Interaction Design: The Final Ingredient to a Perfect Website

I will be sharing good articles with a synopsis and link.

“If there’s one you should make sure you absolutely don’t skimp on, it’s Interaction Design. Think about it: your house can look gorgeous and attention-grabbing and have all sorts of bells and whistles, but if you’ve got a staircase that leads to nowhere, you’re in trouble, and that’ll be the one thing everyone says about your house, despite all the pretty decorations. Don’t believe me?

Ask TurboTax or Amtrak, companies that, despite offering very solid, useful products and services, consistently get lambasted for having infuriating websites. Trust me, you’d much rather be winning awards for great Interaction Design than dealing with the many customer service calls that companies with crappy websites probably field every day. Looking good is very important, but if your website falls short in functionality, you’ll get left behind…”

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